Signum MFD 7272M ICB - Improved component base

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TypeDiscriminating Metal Detector; 10mm coin20 cm.; 25mm coin60 cm.; Helmet 2 world160 cm.; Maximum depth280 cm.; Battery life18 hours; Weight in working condition (without batteries)1,25 kg.; All specifications
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Signum MFD 7272M ICB (Improved component base)

The manufacturer of metal detectors, the AKA company and the service center of metal detectors. Produces Signum 7272M.
On its basis, our specialists released a specially upgraded Signum MFD 7272M ICB (Improved Component Base) device. Only for sale on the foreign market.
This is a more reliable model of the metal detector, with an improved component base. Installed additional protection against dust and moisture.

Differences from Signum MFD 7272M Classik

The main difference between the Plus version and the standard version is that we modify each device instrumentally, due to this the stability and accuracy of the device have increased, which allows us to record weaker signals. Partial dust and water protection has been established (it does not provide full water protection). Improved thermal stability. High recovery speed (optional).
As a result, we get the following features:
1 Increased the sensitivity of the device.
2 Quiet sounds are better recorded.
3 Greater performance on hard ground.
4 Work in a heavily littered place with large iron without losing small targets. (Fast mode - optional)

Differences from Sijnum MFD 7272M GT

1. Waiver of the regulator and switch to simplify settings and increase reliability.
2. Own element base.
3. Enhanced protection against dust and moisture.

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Included in the Signum MFD ICB box

Control box (not removable)-1pc.
Search DD  coil "9x12" 7 kHz - 1 pc.
Set of bars - 1 set.
Coil fastener and battery box.
User’s manual.




Discriminating Metal Detector
10mm coin
20 cm.
25mm coin
60 cm.
Helmet 2 world
160 cm.
Maximum depth
280 cm.
Battery life
18 hours
Weight in working condition (without batteries)
1,25 kg.
Shipping Weight
2,1 kg.
This device is designed to search for small as well as large targets deep underground
Battery Type
6 АА battery
Operating temperature range
or -10°С to +40°С
Working frequency
Multi frequency
Designed for export
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The metal detector is very good, it detects flake coins and small objects well. I advise everyone! I made friends with it very quickly.
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I was given to use the Signum for a day and after half an hour of digging I realized that this is the best device that I have ever held in my hands of distributed metal detectors in our territory (Ukraine).
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In general, I recommend this device for high-quality digging. It greatly facilitates search work and behaves perfectly on any type of soil, I advise everyone. Great metal detector.
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