3 kHz

Ø 15 | 3 kHz
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Ø 13 | 3 kHz
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Ø 9х12 | 3 kHz
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3 kHz coils

The 3 kHz coil was created by AKA  developers specifically for deep search, where large objects are used as targets. Typically, such a detector is popular among prospectors working to detect items from World War II and treasures. Thanks to the elliptical shape of the coil, it is possible to provide a large overlap of the scanned area and high accuracy of detection of large objects. At the same time, such a low frequency is absolutely not applicable to work with small items, like coins and flake coins.

Like most other detectors AKA 3 kHz coils give low accuracy at the presence of electromagnetic interference. Certain difficulties might arise when working in heavily littered areas. Another important point - this coil tolerates even light strokes, which is reflected in a decrease in the number of false positives. According to the depth of target detection, the low-frequency detector demonstrates the following actual indicators: accurate determination of a 10 kopeck coin of 1837 at a depth of 40 cm, a copper button - 30 cm, a silver image - 25 cm. 5 kopecks of Catherine - 60 cm.