Detect settings menu - Autotracking

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Detect settings menu - Autotracking, Detect settings menu - Autotracking

Detect settings menu - Autotracking
Let’s enter this parameter setting mode. It can be set as off, and then after balancing, the device will keep this parameter at the level you’ve set manually. Or if you set it at speed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, the device will adjust to ground changes.
The higher this number, the more often the device will analyze the ground and perform a small self-adjustment to avoid phantom signals from the ground and its changes.
The more the ground around you changes, and the more phantom signals you get from it, the higher value of this parameter is recommended. Do not be afraid to use it, it only works when the ground changes, within 3 degrees limit. Meaning that if there is a lot metal trash around with a lot of target signals, the autotracking will self-disable. Until you get to clean ground, this parameter will not work and there will be no self-adjustments.
So you should not fear that it will adjust to any kind of metal targets in the ground. This will not happen. Do not be afraid to use this parameter. It makes working on constantly changing grounds much easier.
Страницы: 1