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Detect settings menu - Search mode, Detect settings menu - Search mode

Detect settings menu - Search mode
Now we are in the search menu. The first option is search mode.We have multiple modes to choose from.
To choose one of them, press the OK button. The arrow will appear. Now we can change the search mode. Normal mode. This is a main search mode that is fit for the most cases. It has a medium speed, relatively great depth and good identification.
The Deep mode. This is a mode for searching for deep targets with detector coil held a little above the ground. This mode is for finding big metal targets underneath small metal trash. So in this mode the device can be a replacement for specialized deep search equipment.
The MM mode. This is Metal Trash mode. It is for use on the sets with a lot of metal trash like destroyed building or ruins, where you get a lot of nails that used to staple the boards and the beams, and among them you need to find valuable items of highly conductive metals. This mode has a very high speed, but not so good identification, and some iron targets can be identified as non-ferrous. It can even be useful sometimes when trying to find something buried and hidden underneath small metal scrap. This mode has different speeds that can be set in additional menu, which i will show you later.
The next modes are AF 1, AF 2 and AF 3. This modes are for places where you get a lot of external interference. Like places near power lines, voltage transformers or cell towers. If your device starts making phantom signals and in ground balancing mode instead of a dot in the middle of the screen you see a spinning icon, it means the device is in the interference zone. You can lower the sensitivity, lowering the interference level but also losing some depth, or you can turn one of the AF modes on. These are the modes with interference filtration. Stronger the interference, higher the AF mode number. To compensate those filters impact, you need to lower the sensor scanning speed. So if you’re getting a lot of interference, depending on the amount of it use AF 1, AF 2 or AF3 modes.
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