A great comparison of pinpoints. Resume.

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A great comparison of pinpoints. Resume., pinpointer tests, which pinpointer to buy
Last winter I began to choose a pinpoint, and I thought that I knew a lot about them ... In fact, it turned out that my experience was superficial, and in places it was not successful. For example, I had a much better opinion of the Fisher F-Point and Minelab PRO-Find 25 pins, or I could not help but admire the new Whites TRX ... After digging with them in practice, everything became clear.

You can read the summary about each of the pinpointers. What is good and not so good. How would I personally benefit from all this experience, even before the purchase!
Pinpoints are in descending order of price. Pros and cons of pins are described solely from my personal experience (I tried to dig with each) and from the comments of comrades, owners of these pins.

1. Whites TRX
2. Minelab Pro-Find 25
3. Nokta RS
4. Garrett Pro-Pointer
5. Mars MD Pinpointer
6. Fisher F-Point
7. TX-2002

I am sure that the pinpointer depth should not be the greatest ... Normally, as a coin of 5-6 centimeters. For example, Garrett PRO-Pointer and Mars MD Pinpointer can remove a coin without phantoms, and they save time at the digging. At the same time, they work without any adjustments, you turn it on and already take out the finding. All tests of pinpoint depth are here.
I do not consider as a plus a pinpointer`s LED backlight. In practice (mine), this does not help for the digging. Sometimes it shows that the pin is on, and sometimes it’s just annoying. In general, I don’t mention about LED backlighting, who needs it - it’s already visible on the pin.
I do not mention vibro modes. There is, and there is ... I don’t notice it at the digging (when approaching the finding, the sound is more informative).
Sellers might not like my tests, but I said everything I thought. I’m selling nothing and it makes no difference to me which of the manufacturers will be able to make money. I wish you a good choice and findings in the new digging season!
Страницы: 1