Which metal detector is better to buy?

Every beginner in the field of search coins, ancient things, treasures looks for answers to the question which metal detector is better. As a rule, device price and detection depth is taken into account. The lower the price, the lower is most significant indicator of metal detector work-search depth.

What is the main thing in metal detector?

So, you are wondering which metal detector is better to choose. Modern technologies allow to exactly recognize type of detected metal, deeply search for finds in the ground, excellently ignore soil noise. Buying cheap metal detecting equipment is throwing money after bad. Many beginners doom themselves to disappointment refusing high-quality but more expensive equipment. You can buy metal detector for the price less than 10 thousand Russian rubles only for detecting hatches and Wells.

Metal detector selection depending on purposes of use

If you need a device for walks outdoors from time to time, suitable models cost 10-20 thousand Russian rubles. They have a search depth of up to a meter, uninteresting pieces of iron sifted out well from the search area. These devices are suitable for those who are looking for scrap.

The best metal detector for finding flake coins

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The best metal detector for finding coins is АКА Signum. With its help, treasure hunters find really more targets and especially coins. The difference of the multi-frequency model is a large selection of coils and the ease of changing the coil to a suitable frequency model. The device successfully implements all the technological capabilities conceived by the developers. The treasure hunter can increase the search depth by turning on the Turbo mode if desired. At the same time, more current is supplied to the sensor but the batteries are discharged faster. Various filters are used to combat noise and interference. “Hot rocks” and soil do not interfere with the search for objects.

Budget ACE - classic

Are you interested in finding coins with a metal detector but for a lower amount of money? Garrett ACE 250 is a great choice for that kind of money. In addition to the affordable price, its advantage is reliability. This model during the years of practice has become a classic, treasure hunters still take it as additional equipment. It perfectly finds ferrous and non-ferrous metal separating it during searching. The device is equipped with an accurate detection function, it is resistant to wear. Treasure hunters affectionately call it ACE. If you go out to occupy your favorite hobby no more than 5 times a month – this option is for you.

Professional metal detectors

AKA SIGNUM 7272M is a worthwhile metal detector. Its high sensitivity is ensured by the work of the DD coil (10 inch) which was created by Russian engineers and also by processing. Mineralization factor interferes with search 10 times less thanks to SFT and MFT – ground noise suppression system. AKA company’s calling card is a meditated visualization that allows you to clearly see the find in form and volume on the hodograph. The device allows you not to miss a valuable thing while ignoring trash.

Minelab X-TERRA 705, 750 are popular devices among search engines. The entire line of Minelab X-TERRA allows you to adjust interference. Automatically or manually you can remove, for example, a false sound signal under the wires of high-voltage power lines, a mobile phone call. It showed itself perfectly in the field, does not miss small objects at a great depth. It is good to look for tin bronze with it since it will never miss imperial copper, coins. It finds flake coins at a depth of 20 centimeters, copper coins at a depth of 40 centimeters. Sensor advantage is integrated protection. You can increase the search depth by buying coil.

Fisher F75 is a device that distinguishes between non-ferrous and ferrous metals better than Signum. With it you can look for an alloy of metals such as tin bronze even in heavily littered areas and at great depth. It is the dream of every digger! The device is configured for any conditions. The main task successfully completed by its developers is the elimination of interference with soil mineralization. On the screen in the form of histogram the level of soil mineralization is reflected under the sensor.

YouTube video: which metal detector to choose? The best metal detector- The bitter truth!

The metal detector is equipped with a function to detect soil structure disturbances. With its help you can find a hole, a dig, a cache where the treasure is hidden. The last user settings are saved automatically when the device is turned on/ off.

The choice is yours!

Have you decided that you need a powerful metal detector? Make your choice! An excellent device has a light weight, excellent discrimination, various options, settings, a decent search depth, low power consumption, instant response from an object, effectively finds flake coins, coins.

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