Signum armrest (plastic)

5 000 RUB - Dealer price from 10 pieces
TypeSignum armrest-Upper part; FeatureFor MFD 7272m Classic devices; All specifications

Signum armrest

Armrest for Signum metal detectors of different models is made of durable and reliable materials. The design is very reliable due to high quality workmanship. The geometry of the device is correct, the appearance is very stylish. Despite the high quality of workmanship, the simplicity of the product amazes, the design is not complicated, so it is easy to replace.

This armrest was created taking into account the "weaknesses" of other products of this type, and due to the strong modern material, the service life is maximally extended. The armrest blades have additional edges, which also increases its service life.

Signum armrest-Upper part
For MFD 7272m Classic devices

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