Security metal detectors

Security metal detectors: what are they and what are they used for

Security metal detectors are designed for manual inspection of people in order to detect metal objects of various sizes. Such devices are used at airports, during public events, at the entrance to state and departmental buildings.

Hand-held detectors to guarantee the security play an important role in verification along with arched ones. But since the arched one cannot determine where a metal object is directly hidden, a hand-held device is used. Such metal detector clearly indicates the location of the object. Inspection devices provide an opportunity to save time and effort in searching of people who stand in line. You can set the detector to small objects up to telephone SIM cards, or focus on large objects such as weapons and ammunition.

Metal detectors are used to prevent the theft of metal products from factories, precious jewelry from jewelry stores, cosmetic products, cutlery from catering establishments. The equipment copes with the search for jewelry, treasures, underground networks, pipes in the walls, foil bags to deceive anti-theft systems in stores.