32 mm coin — 15 cm.
Helmet 2 world — 27 cm.
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Type — Discriminating Metal Detector
21 mm coin — 15 cm.
32 mm coin — 28 cm.
Battery life — 15 hours
Weight in working condition (without batteries) — 1,5 kg.
Shipping Weight — 2,1 kg.
0 RUB - Dealer price from 10 pieces

Condor metal detector- mid-range device

We present the AKA Condor series of semi-professional metal detectors with a DD coil. The device belongs to the middle price range, it is characterized by high sensitivity. The detector is the optimal solution for those who are looking for inexpensive, but quite powerful equipment. The search technique visualizes objects well, its aesthetic appearance is laconic, simple. Search engine tool Condor was invented with a “twist” - AKA's corporate hodograph.

You can buy a Condor using this website. The reliable metal detector from a leading Russian manufacturer, known not only in Russia but also abroad, will easily find coins, military-historical relics. Super useful for searchers visual hodograph, which is displayed on this model and later devices enthralls consumers. The prices for the Condor metal detector in our online store are the lowest in Russia. The attractiveness of devices for searching for metal, treasures, artifacts lies in the simplicity of control, insignificant weight - only one and a half kilograms, the presence of a unique built-in hodograph. Finds are identified by the device in groups.

The Condor series of metal detectors is the best combination of high quality and a reasonable price. They work in 4 user search programs, equipped with basic and professional settings. The device has reduced power consumption, it works both on the accumulator and on batteries. AKA Condor 7252 equipment is popular not only among beginners, but also among professionals in treasure hunting. Reliability, accuracy of the results during working in littered areas, places with high mineralization of the soil, sufficient depth of the search zone, innovative coil signal processing system - all this things brought well-deserved fame to the Russian AKA manufacturer, whose products are recognized as the best among search equipment in the domestic and European markets. In addition, a professional-grade sound identification system is installed on metal detectors of this brand. These devices can be recommended to lovers of historical finds, artifacts. With them you can safely go to places of military glory, battles of the Great Patriotic War, to forests, to fields where you can find ancient treasures, ancient coins, even gold.