- Attention, we place on the international market only the devices listed in Schedule

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Terms of shipment of goods outside the Russian Federation.
In connection with the Customs legislation of the Russian Federation, the shipment of goods containing non-linear components (radio components) to the external market is carried out only upon the issuance of a special examination, which means that this product cannot be involved in the development of weapons of another country.

Reference: https://minprom.ru/uslugi/eksportnyj-kontrol-i-tovary-dvojnogo-naznacheniya/tovary-dvojnogo-naznache...
The cost of the examination is 300 $. (regardless of the quantity of goods shipped).

In bulk shipments, we have already included this amount in the dealer price. Bulk shipments of goods are made only from a legal entity to a legal entity. If you want to purchase a test version of a metal detector or buy any product at retail, then we ship the goods only as an individual to an individual.
We also help our distributors sell our metal detectors in their countries. If you make an order in bulk, when there are more retail calls from your country, we will send buyers to our distributors.
Export Director
Alexey Bikeev.