Verify metal authenticity

Warranty registration of metal detectors shipped outside the Russian Federation. 

The information contains only serial numbers of goods exported from the Russian Federation to our representatives.

1. Follow the link:

2. Enter the serial number of the control unit below and click “Check”

3. If the device is original, then you will see the inscription “Your metal detector is in the database.” This means that the serial number of your device matches the number in our database. The verification of the authenticity of the metal detector was successful and the goods were officially shipped from the territory of the Russian Federation. in compliance with all warranty obligations on our part.

4. If a non-existent number of a counterfeit device is entered, the system will display the message: Your metal detector was not found! This means that a metal detector with that number does not exist. In this situation, you need to contact the office where you have purchased this product.

 All our partners are added into the database:

If you witness goods being illegally imported into your country, contact the police.

Dear customers! If you have any doubts about the authenticity of your metal detector, then you can check it in our database. 

To check your device, enter the serial number of the metal detector control box.

• Enter the entire serial number.

• The serial number is located on the back of the control box.

проверить подлинность металлоискателя

1. We carry out our warranty obligations and are responsible for the quality of our improvements!

2. We do wholesale sales only. You can purchase the product at retail from our dealers in other stores in your country. The site’s database takes into account only the total sales of modified AKA devices around the world and by all partners.

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