Popular YouTube channels
The most popular YouTube channels about finding treasures and special equipment are very exciting. For example, look at the “Adventurers” channel. You will learn how to find 50 grams of gold under water with a metal detector in 2 hours or which metal detector to choose to search for treasure in the forest.


Search with a metal detector in an old house!
4 important places to search with a metal detector in the attic, necessary accessories for prospective search.


Professional level metal detector
Every beginner faces the issue of choosing a metal detector. Nowadays there is a huge selection of devices which have various specifications. Metal detectors vary in price, purpose and they are divided into 3 levels: entry, semi-professional and professional.


Deep metal detector or georadar?
The deep metal detector specializes in finding targets of large size, for example, coin hoards at great depth.


Coin search by metal detector
The search for coins is a separate direction in treasure hunting.


How to find a treasure?
Treasure hunt attracts many gambling people nowadays after all you can not only have a good time, study history, work with maps, but also find something valuable.


Which metal detector is better to buy?

Every beginner in the field of search coins, ancient things, treasures looks for answers to the question which metal detector is better. As a rule, device price and detection depth is taken into account. The lower the price, the lower is most significant indicator of metal detector work-search depth.