What is AKA-MD?

What is AKA-MD?

It is a new way to buy AKA metal detectors throughout Russia and near abroad!

  · Most products are in one place.

  · The ability to buy, pay and receive goods in any convenient way.

  · Guarantee for secure purchase.

  · Quality service before, during and after the sale.

We make purchases safe, giving the opportunity to pay and pick up the goods in a convenient way.

AKAMD is the first official store and forum that has not only qualifications for AKA devices. It is a federal, actively developing retail and wholesale network. It was created by Alexey Khasanov in November 1, 2015. AKAMD is unique in the number of sales channels used: high-tech offline sales points (sales through innovative terminals), website, catalogs, forums, news, TV shows, social networks.

AKAMD company

From the author’s words:

Our site is not ordinary store in its classic sense. Instead, we strive to create a unique community of like-minded people - a specialized portal and forums where beginners will receive good advice on organizing search expeditions and choosing devices that can be immediately purchased with delivery, while “old-timers” will be able to share their experience.

Having extensive experience in leading television channels in Russia, my friends and I introduce you to YouTube channel, the first and unique transmission of video reviews, which aims to make it easier for beginners to understand the basic principles of working with metal detectors. For experienced users, professional reviews of various models of metal detectors and their accessories can be of particular interest. We equally try to pay attention to all popular brands.

We try to work out as much as possible in detail and visible all the nuances that may be useful to our viewers. And thanks to the comment system, you can always ask additional questions.

Another form of interactive communication in which all users of our site can participate is the forum system. Message threads are regularly updated, and for ease of navigation they are compiled into a single forum directory. According to the idea, active communication between users and a well-established connection with the site administration can turn it into a convenient and useful bridgehead for anyone interested in search business.


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