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5 окт 2019
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AKA company

Since 1993, AKA company has been producing search equipments, metal detectors. Modern AKA metal detectors can be found in the buildings of the FSB, the armed forces, and the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. But not only law enforcement officers are engaged in metal searches today. The search for treasures, money, valuables, historical rarities is a lifestyle or hobby for some group of people.

Equipment from AKA is a boon to treasure hunter

The leading manufacturer of metal detectors supplies professional treasure hunters and amateurs with a whole line of devices developed by their own engineers. AKA metal detectors are the most important attribute of a treasure hunter.

The team of developers is working hard to produce devices. More than 60 patents and copyright certificates have been already registered. The team actively takes part in specialized exhibitions so its name is known all over the world. The company`s products are used by :

  • The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation;
  • Treasure hunters;
  • Security units;
  • Criminalists;
  • Housing and communal services;

Successful developments and testing of devices

Unique developments have no analogues internationally. Innovations have significantly expanded the range of capabilities of metal search technology. The developers created a special method improving the ability of devices to identify metal.

The company managed to achieve tremendous success with the help of a team of specialists having conducted field tests of new equipment in real conditions. The test results of new devices were discoveries of antique silver coins, coins of the Bosporus Kingdom, a fragment of a female silver jewelry of the Golden Horde time, Finno-Ugric jewelry of the 15-17th centuries, and many other ancient treasures.

AKA company`s products

Official website of AKA company represents a wide range of its products: devices for detecting metal in soil. They are digital and analogue devices of different frequency, all shapes and sizes of search coils and other parameters.

Electronics are assembled in Russia without manual soldering, the entire process is automated. Shafts, sensors, product housings are manufactured in Taiwan. The completion of the production process takes place in Moscow. They are good and reliable devices having a well-deserved reputation among users.

We are constantly working on new modifications of metal detectors, increasing the reliability of determining deep targets. Some devices are configured to purposefully search, for example, only non-ferrous metals. Devices have already gained recognition among a huge number of professional users worldwide.

Everyone can call the company’s manager to be consulted on the interested product. Professional tips for beginners and our YouTube channel is useful information which helps to make the best choice.

How to order?

We accept orders and deliver goods to any city in the world. Buyers can choose the most convenient method of payment, delivery, receipt of goods. The company guarantees the safety of the purchase, provides high quality service. Our staff provides the opportunity to quickly and comfortably place an order of any device presented on the site.