Intronik PRO

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TypeGround metal detector; 21 mm coin40 cm. with coil 13 inch reel; 32 mm coinmaximum 60 cm. coil 13 inch reel; Maximum depth1.5 meters | Depth program 2 m.; Battery life12 hours. for 18650 2 pcs.; Shipping Weight5 kg; Version2.0; All specifications

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Intronik PRO – updated version.

Intronik PRO is a modification of the well-known professional multi-frequency metal detector AKA Intronik STF, created by AKAMD on the basis of alternative circuit solutions. The main idea being the basis of the modification is to give an experienced user of this device the opportunity to search for deep, “complex” targets, using the software algorithms provided by the manufacturer as efficiently as possible.
For such owners of the Intronic device, AKAMD have developed a modification (upgrade) based on new circuit solutions and a new component base. This modification, by reducing circuit noise, expanding the dynamic range, increasing resistance to external electromagnetic interference, and increasing the recovery speed, makes it possible to use more effectively the already high search capabilities of the device, making the search more effective. Major changes in circuit design as follows:
1. The Receive amplifier circuit has been completely redesigned. Not just a primitive operational amplifier replacement, but a new circuit design. What it gives: expansion of the dynamic range, minimal internal noise of the circuit, reduced influence of external electromagnetic interference, increased sensitivity to small targets due to optimization of high frequency operation, less need to carry out soil compensation when changing parameters such as gain, due to greater linearity of Phase-frequency response in the operating frequency range.
2. Replacement of operational amplifiers in compensator and phase shifter circuits. What it gives: due to precision, low-noise operational amplifiers, coil adaptation, as well as the GC(ground compensation)/GB(ground balance) procedure occurs much more accurately and confidently. As for the GC procedure, this is especially noticeable at high settings and problematic soils. Where the stock intronic already draws a snake, this one, with similar settings, allows you to carry out correctly the GC procedure.
3. Replacing comparators. What it gives: increased sensitivity to small targets, accuracy, the response from the target has less phase spread now.
4. Recalculation and modification of the anti-aliasing low-pass filter located between the demodulators and the ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter); the recovery speed of the device directly depends on it. What it gives: Increase the recovery rate and, therefore, increase the speed of work on scrap metal without compromising the identification.
5. Redesigned VR (voltage reference) ADC circuit with ultra-low-noise operational amplifier. What it gives: A perfect ADC voltage reference is the cornerstone of its error-free operation. Noise must be minimal, otherwise forget about correct digitization of weak signals.
6. Replacing electrolytes with high quality tantalum and tantalum polymer capacitors where required. Installation of RC filters for power supply of the main components of the circuit. What it gives: a significant reduction in high frequency interference and the mutual influence of circuit nodes on each other. This results in a significant reduction in the circuit’s own noise.
7. Refinement of the audio amplifier circuit to increase sound volume and reduce distortion. What it gives: the ability to adjust more flexibly the volume of the device to suit your tasks to search for weak signals more effectively.
8. Refinement of the coil block with replacement of one of the operational amplifiers with a precision, low-noise one. What it gives: reduced noise of the so-called reference voltages at low and high frequencies. These signals are one of the key signals for the operation of the entire device circuit.
9. (Optional, if desired) increase the display brightness.
This entire set of measures does not increase the already impressive air range of the device or the depth of the target, but makes it possible to use higher settings (wind up the device) compared to the stock one due to stability, quiet operation, and a more confident GC/GB procedure, which gives a certain advantage when working “at your fingertips” on controversial, weak signals at extreme depths. Tenacity to small targets and speed of work on metal waste also increases significantly. 

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The warranty on the device from AKAMD after an upgrade is 3 years, provided there is no unauthorized intervention in the device circuit.

You can check the authenticity of the PRO version device upgrade using the link: Checking the authenticity of the metal detector! (

2b2l0d727gr58ix1jp5mnojf6qmlruuk.png The PRO version device from AKAMD is discussed on the official Telegram catalog.




Instructions for 1.0.


- Download.
Firmware (Version 1.0)
 - Download.
Firmware (Version 2.0)
- Download.
Firmware (Version 2.14)
- Download
Firmware (Version 2.15)
- Download
Firmware (Version 2.23)
- Download
Firmware (Version 2.30)
- Download
Firmware (Version 2.00 final)
- Download

Ground metal detector
21 mm coin
40 cm. with coil 13 inch reel
32 mm coin
maximum 60 cm. coil 13 inch reel
Maximum depth
1.5 meters | Depth program 2 m.
Battery life
12 hours. for 18650 2 pcs.
Shipping Weight
5 kg
Operating temperature range
+ 50 | - 20
Working frequency
Dual frequency metal detector
Works on two frequencies - simultaneously.
Any headphones with Bluetooth ATIX LL must be purchased separately
Transmission technology

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