Type — Discriminating Metal Detector
21 mm coin — 18 cm.
32 mm coin — 35 cm.
Battery life — 40 hours
Weight in working condition (without batteries) — 1,3 kg.
Shipping Weight — 1,7 kg.
30 700 RUB - Dealer price from 10 pieces

АКА Sorex- entry level device

AKA invites you to become the owner of a selective eddy current metal detector, the oldest of all AKA Sorex - Sorex PRO models. The remaining models are discontinued: AKA Sorex 7280 and AKA Sorex 7280M. Development engineers of the Russian market leader in search and inspection technology are constantly improving production technologies and are developing new equipment models. The Sorex PRO model was the result of the best approbations of software and hardware solutions of previously released series. It is brought a lot of original ideas that made the search more efficient and comfortable. Innovations and new technical approaches have made Sorex PRO a universal device. You can purchase Sorex at a pleasant price right on this site.

Multi-frequency Sorex PRO is based on the basic Sorex 7281, which is known among treasure hunters. It is powered by 4 AA batteries. Any sensors work with it, regardless of frequency and dimensions. Traditionally, information flows through two channels: one detects a target, the other identifies it. All Sorex models and the PRO version search when the sensor moves. However, when an object is detected, to more accurately find it, the device switches to static mode. Sorex metal detector prices are very attractive. The device’s operation is based on a proprietary method of hodographic visual identification of search targets, recognized as the most informative of the existing ones. According to his own preferences, the owner of the device can configure the type of sound identification.

The main feature of this model of search technology that distinguishes it from other series is that the owner can switch the basic signal processing algorithms. It means the possibility of increasing the reliability of target identification, improving the adaptation of the device to the search conditions.

All Sorex PRO signal processing work is done by using 3 independent algorithms. MSF allows the device to operate efficiently in relatively clean debris areas. SSF determines the magnetic properties of targets similar to non-ferrous metals. The GA - M / M metal debris filtering algorithm provides high quality search in littered areas.

Sorex PRO has the ability to perform all kinds of search tasks. It is one of the most versatile devices, breaking records in depth of search and unique identification of objects.