Sorex PRO

30 700 RUB - Dealer price from 10 pieces
TypeDiscriminating Metal Detector; 21 mm coin18 cm.; 32 mm coin35 cm.; Battery life40 hours; Weight in working condition (without batteries)1,3 kg.; Shipping Weight1,7 kg.; VersionVersion 81; All specifications

Attention! The price of the metal detector is indicated without a search coil.. The price of the metal detector is indicated without a coil. Select the coil for the metal detector in the list of products.
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The AKA Sorex PRO metal detector is a multi-frequency device that has fairly simple controls and a variety of functions. The detector has a wide range of multi-sized sensors. It works on the principle of an induction compensated converter. Equipped with a modern hardware-software interface.

It operates on a two-channel scheme. The first is the detection channel. It transmits a signal in real time. The second is an identification channel that delivers short and different-frequency signals during the passage of a special sensor over a detected object.

Signal processing is carried out according to three independent algorithms:


GA (metal garbage)


In this model, manufacturers were able to modernize the soil balancing system. A hodograph is provided. A large modern German-made display is installed.

Included in the АКА Sorex PRO box:

  • Control box(removable) – 1 pc.
  • Search coil: not included. Select the required coil
  • Bar kit (lightweight) - 1 kit.
  • Fastener for the coil and battery pack.
  • User manual.

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Discriminating Metal Detector
21 mm coin
18 cm.
32 mm coin
35 cm.
Battery life
40 hours
Weight in working condition (without batteries)
1,3 kg.
Shipping Weight
1,7 kg.
Version 81
A complete mid-range device. Unlike Golden Eagle 5, it has a more convenient settings functionality and increased search depth.
Battery Type
4 (АА)
Operating temperature range
or -10°С to +40°С
Working frequency
or 2 to 22 кГц

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