Ø 6х10 | 14 kHz

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TypeSearch coil; Рroportions6х10; Frequency14 kHz; TypeDouble D; РrotectionNo; All specifications

АКА coil 6х10 and 14 kHz

This model of the search sensor has an elliptical shape and small size, so that the search is effective in places where there is a lot of litter. A high frequency of 14 kilohertz is used to search for small and medium-sized finds; it is especially effective just for searching for small objects on uncomplicated soils. It is compatible with Signum, Berkut, and also Sorex metal detectors. The device operates on a well-known and reliable technology called DD. In general, the device fully performs its functions. As with any device of this type, you will need to get used to this coil and learn to distinguish between the type of operation. Due to the small area of ​​the sensor, the ratio of the area of ​​the covered soil to the area of ​​the target increases. The device is made of heavy-duty and reliable materials, ensuring long-term use, given that the coil is used in complex areas, this parameter moves up to the first place.

Disadvantages of the coil:

1. Not often, but reacts to simple iron in non-ferrous, can be confused with something valuable.

Advantages of the coil:

1. Works with small goals without any hindrance.

2. The small diameter allows you to search for targets in tall grass and attics.

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Search coil
14 kHz
Double D

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