Type — Discriminating Metal Detector
21 mm coin — 18 cm.
32 mm coin — 35 cm.
Battery life — 20 hours
Weight in working condition (without batteries) — 1,3 kg.
Shipping Weight — 1,7 kg.
0 RUB - Dealer price from 10 pieces

АКА Berkut – mid-range devices

We present to you AKA Berkut - a metal detector that can be configured to work in any search conditions. It is different equipped with independent identification channels. The frequency of coil work is 1.5-22 kHz. The effectiveness of the search for treasures, artifacts, non-ferrous metal, ancient coins will be significantly increased with the help of this professional device of an average price level.

You can buy Berkut at an attractive price by calling the phone number listed on the website. The fifth series of Berkut devices replaced the well-known and beloved by treasure hunters metal detector Condor 7252М . Berkut-5 is the first model in this series. It has improved characteristics of the Condor model: search depth, identification of search targets in the ground, separation of objects in littered areas. A feature of the device is a comfortable menu. Starting with Berkut version 5.12, users have the opportunity to upgrade the software. Firmware can now be updated. If you have a device released after 09. 01. 13, you can buy a special USB cable to install the program by downloading the “firmware” file. If the model was released before 09. 01. 13, you will be helped to install the components necessary for further work in the AKA service center.

New sensors are configured automatically. A built-in setup program is already available in components manufactured by the company, so you do not need to go to service centers. They operate in the frequency of 1.5-22 kHz. The price of the Berkut metal detector pleases treasure hunters, as does the double-enlarged screen of the device. The hodograph displays a larger picture, it shows which mode is on. With one button, the owner can control the screen backlight, turn on the power-saving mode, change the sensor current, turn off and turn on the analog mode.

The front panel of the device is equipped with convex buttons, the sound volume for the speaker, headphones is adjusted independently. The device is equipped with an automatic profile change when you start the headphones. The device is balanced on the ground manually or automatically. In turbo mode, the battery charge is drained faster. The increased current supply significantly deepens the search area, but reduces the time of the metal detector work to 12 hours, while in normal mode it works 27 hours. The power supplied to the search coil depends on the sensor current.