Berkut 5

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TypeDiscriminating Metal Detector; 21 mm coin18 cm.; 32 mm coin35 cm.; Battery life20 hours; Weight in working condition (without batteries)1,3 kg.; Shipping Weight1,7 kg.; Version5; All specifications
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Among all Russian metal detectors, the Berkut 5 model is one of the most reliable and universal. In comparison with its precursor, this version has an increased display size, which is almost double the previous version.

There is a unique programmable button of installing functions. It can be configured for one of certain features that will be activated after clicking on this button. There is an independent adjustment of noises and volume. A universal headphone jack is provided.

This model represents unlimited opportunities, which can be used under any search conditions and all work with the metal detector. Software installation is available via a special USB cable.

Included in the box (AKA Berkut 5)

  • Control box (not removable) - 1 pc.
  • DD search coil "9х12" 7 kHz – 1 pc.
  • Set of bars- 1 set.
  • Coil fastener and battery box.
  • User’s manual.

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Discriminating Metal Detector
21 mm coin
18 cm.
32 mm coin
35 cm.
Battery life
20 hours
Weight in working condition (without batteries)
1,3 kg.
Shipping Weight
1,7 kg.
Berkut 5 is a device that practically does not differ in its characteristics from Condor 7252M. It has a lighter weight and a convenient control unit.
Battery Type
4 (АА)
Operating temperature range
or -15°С to +40°С
Working frequency
or 1 to 22 кГц
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I’ve been digging with a girl since 2013. Then I bought 2 Berkut models (although I initially wanted Fisher - 5), they still cost 19,000 rubles. There are no other metal detectors for me now ... It is reliable and simple as an AK-47.
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Most recently I purchased this model. It works great. So far there have been no failures. It has good functionality.
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In my opinion, it is a real professional detector, which is worth paying attention to. The model is rich in all kinds of automatic and manual settings, which is very convenient in operation.
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