Ø 13 | 7kHz

190 $
TypeSearch coil AKA; Рroportions13; Frequency7 kHz; TypeDouble D; РrotectionNo; All specifications

АКА coil 13 and 7 kHz

This coil is considered to be a universal model among specialists, it is applicable more to search for different-sized objects. The large size of the form helps to significantly increase the speed of search work. Compared with a 15-inch and 7 kHz coil, the 13-inch sensor has no disadvantages associated with large sizes. This coil has a smaller diameter, so you can freely work with it when there is no way to swing very much or when there is not too much litter on the field. This search device is designed for multi-frequency metal detectors, suitable for the Sorex, Signum, and Berkut models.

Disadvantages of the coil:

1. Incorrect signals are possible in heavily littered areas.

Advantages of the coil:

1. Ideal for multi-sized objects – a universal option.

2. The average size – the diameter of the device is 33 centimeters.

3. Large depth of finding objects. Findings come up even in previously examined places.

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Search coil AKA
7 kHz
Double D

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