Warranty service of metal detectors

AKAMD» warranty

Free Warranty and Service for PRO

is performed by engineers in the case of:

1. If your device number is registered in the database.

2. If there was no damage and interference with the control box.

3. If 24 months have not passed since the purchase of the device.

AKA company guarantees the serviceability of the metal detector provided that the consumer complies with the operating conditions specified in the operations manuals.

Warranty period of operation is 24 months from the moment of purchase. During the warranty period, a discovered manufacturing defect is eliminated for free by the manufacturer, provided that there is no mechanical damage to the control box and the coil of the device.

For warranty repairs, you need to present actual operations manual with the specified date of sale. In the absence of a information about the sale, the guarantee starts from the date of device realizing.

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