Ordering and payment

Our company has the following order of purchase of goods. In order to handle the purchase of your chosen trade item, you need to implement certain actions.

How to order goods at retail

1. You can buy the goods you need without registration.

2. Opposite the product you have selected, click the "Add to Cart" button, place an order (click the corresponding button).

3. Indicate your last name, first name and middle name, physical address and email address, phone number.

4. In the next step, select one of the possible types of delivery:

• pickup from Moscow from the distribution center(for this you will need to call first);

• delivery in Moscow and the region (see shipping costs here)

• delivery of goods ordered by you to other cities of the World

Choose your preferred payment method:

• payment of the order in cash upon delivery of the goods at the warehouse or to the courier, after delivery in Moscow city;

• 100% payment of the order when delivering goods to other countries.

• For large wholesale, 50% payment for the goods is provided.

Some nuances of payment and delivery of goods

When ordering goods with delivery, check the cost of delivery with our manager. The delivery price depends only on the remoteness of your locality from Moscow.

And finally, if you choose the full prepayment of the goods, the operator will send to your email address the number of the bank account, or PayPal account to which you will need to pay. In this case, the delivery price is already included in the price of the goods.

After the money transfers to our bank account, we begin the procedure for sending the goods. To avoid possible misunderstandings, we insistently ask you to confirm the fact of payment in one of the ways: by e-mail or by phone.