Answers to frequently asked questions
Question Question What are the warranty periods for the device?

Each device, when it is sold to the domestic market, is tested! If you have identified a malfunction, then within 2 weeks you can request for a replacement device. If the device does not have obvious signs of mechanical damage, then we will replace your metal detector with a similar version. In case of malfunctions after two weeks, you need to use the warranty. The warranty for devices is 2 years, for coils 1 year.

Question Question How is the delivery of the device made?

We deliver to any country in the world by any transport company you choose.

1. For private buyers at retail - 100% payment for the goods before shipment (including transportation costs) After shipment, you will be available with the product code that you will receive in SMS. You can track your product.

2. For Dealers - 50% payment for the goods is possible.