payment term

Terms of payment for a product chosen by you

Our company offers you several convenient ways to pay for a product chosen by you. This is cash payment, using a bank card (including online banking), payment using PayPal electronic payment system.

* Attention! Transportation costs are not included in the price and are paid separately in accordance with the prices of the transport company.

  By cash in Moscow (only for retail)

You can order a courier delivery in Moscow or pick up the goods yourself from a warehouse.

This method is suitable:

- If you have relatives or friends in Moscow;

- In you plan to visit Moscow in the near future:

Only for retail and small wholesale

You can pay for the goods you have chosen using  service.





* Please, turn to us with any questions of payment by contacting the export department:

ыс.jpg  +79037991510

invoice-line-filled-icon-vector.jpg By transferring to account (only for legal entities and dealers)

- Follow the link and download and fill out all the necessary documents:

- Form an order and send it by mail or by WhatsApp to the export department:

ыс.jpg  +79037991510

- After signing the contract, you will be invoiced for payment;

* You can read the form of "D2 Dealership Information" for more information

logo-h.pngAKA company carries out the shipment of goods to the foreign marhet through HERA-S partner company. HERA-S is manufacturer of security systems and developments of counteritelligence technical surveillance countermeasures.

* Read the terms of shipment of goods:

* Read the terms of the warranty for the goods