Condor 7252М

580 $
TypeDiscriminating Metal Detector; 10mm coin15 cm.; 25mm coin45 cm.; Helmet 2 world90 cm.; Maximum depth250 cm.; Battery life15 hours; Weight in working condition (without batteries)1,5 kg.; All specifications
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This metal detector model is known to all skilled treasure hunters. But, despite the fact that it is quite old, still thanks to its advantages it remains popular until now. There is an exceptional adjustment of the device for certain search conditions.

The Condor 7252M model is perfect for those who like to control the whole process. It searches and identifies small objects well, has excellent indicators of search depth. It operates on a single frequency (7 kHz). The maximum search depth is 2.5 m.

The model is equipped with reliable fasteners, has a small but high-quality display. Perfect for both beginners and professionals who are used to stay faithful to their traditions.

There is a headphone jack and a battery charge indicator.

Included in the box (АКА Condor 7252М)

  • Control box (not removable) - 1 pc.
  • DD search coil "9х12" 7 kHz – 1 pc.
  • Set of bars- 1 set.
  • Coil fastener and battery box.
  • User’s manual.

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Discriminating Metal Detector
10mm coin
15 cm.
25mm coin
45 cm.
Helmet 2 world
90 cm.
Maximum depth
250 cm.
Battery life
15 hours
Weight in working condition (without batteries)
1,5 kg.
Shipping Weight
2,1 kg.
The only device currently manufactured in the Condor line. Good search depth for reasonable money.
Battery Type
6 (АА)
Operating temperature range
от -15°С до +40°С
Working frequency
7 kHz
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Convenient and practical device. It is very easy to learn. Identifies items well. I have been using this model for years. And I do not plan to part with it so far, because it is a truly reliable unit.
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The device is not bad in general, but one significant minus is six batteries, which you may not have enough for one day of digging !!!
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It is good option for beginners. Honestly, I went with my first experience using this model. It works smoothly, uninterrupted. Universal device, good functionality.
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