Ø 10 | 14 kHz

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TypeSearch coil; Рroportions10; Frequency14 kHz; TypeDouble D; РrotectionNo; All specifications

АКА coil 10 and 14 kHz.

Classic round search coil with high frequency. In contrast to the 9х12 and 14 kHz coil, it has a slightly lower search depth, but it also has its advantages. This coil is round, and not in the form of an ellipse, therefore, it has fewer dead zones at the edges and a more accurate definition of the target.

Disadvantages of the coil:

1. The detection depth of large and medium objects is small.

2. Like a coil with a frequency of 20 kilohertz, it has a tendency to sensitivity of rusty iron, but more loyally.

Advantages of the coil:

1. Good sensitivity to small targets located on the edge.

2. It is convenient to conduct searches on mowed fields.

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Search coil
14 kHz
Double D

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