Ø 9х12 | 20 kHz

9 500 RUB - Dealer price from 10 pieces
TypeSearch coil; Рroportions9x12; Frequency20 kHz; TypeDouble D; РrotectionNo; All specifications

АКА coil 9х12 и 20 kHz

This search coil is very suitable while working on medium soils, when you need to take out all the flake coins in a clean place. High frequency makes it possible to see the coin on the edge and at a sufficiently great depth.

Disadvantages of the coil:

1. Depth for large copper coins is very small.

2. False alarms on complex soils and in wet weather. The coil is very demanding and needs regular rebalancing. Just like a 6x10 coil with a frequency of 20 kHz , it strikes rusty iron in the non-ferrous zone of a large copper coin. It will take time to get used to distinguish the sound of a piece of rusty nail from a useful target.

Advantages of the coil:

1        Finds easily all small targets, including those located on the edge, at the greatest possible depth.

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Search coil
20 kHz
Double D
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Катушка просто огонь! Очень требовательная и сложная частота. В мокрую погоду не походить, так же, как и не походить по траве. Много ложных сигналов на сложных грунтах. Тока для пашни и тока в сухую погоду – равных ей нет. Выбивает всю чешую на ребре так, что после тебя реально больше на поле делать нечего.
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