Ø 6х10 | 20 kHz

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TypeSearch coil; Рroportions6х10; Frequency20 kHz; TypeDouble D; РrotectionNo; All specifications

АКА coil 6х10 и 20 kHz

A coil with a diameter of 6x10 with a frequency of 20 kilohertz is great for finding small objects, flake coins, gold nuggets in medium littered places. This frequency will easily identify the coin on the edge. Compared to a coil with a diameter of 9x12 and 20 kHz – it has a smaller search depth. This helps when working in villages, when iron lies at the bottom under a non-ferrous target. The coil does not reach it and thereby does not move the hodograph towards the rusty metal, but allows you to hook a non-ferrous target on the surface.

Disadvantages of the coil:

1. Does not detect large objects. Shallow depth on medium sized coins.

2. The coil is very sensitive, therefore, rusty iron on the hodograph lies in the sector of a large copper coin. It takes time to learn to distinguish the sound of a rusty nail from a coin of 5 Catherine kopecks on the edge.

Advantages of the coil:

1        Easily finds small goals.

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Search coil
20 kHz
Double D
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