Ø 15 | 7kHz

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TypeSearch coil AKA; РroportionsØ 15; Frequency7 kHz; TypeDouble D; РrotectionNo; All specifications

АКА coil 15 и 7 kHz

This model is often used to increase the largest value of the depth of various objects. A good diameter allows you to carefully examine a large area quickly. A seven-digit frequency is ideal for many search tasks. If you plan to connect to the AKA Signum models, you will not need to additionally configure the device. In order to connect the device to the metal detector of the “Cornet”, “Condor” and “Vector” lines, the device must be additionally configured in the AKA service center. The latest models have significantly improved stability. When compared with coil 10, the depth of work has increased. This coil contains a highly sensitive sensor with increased resistance to deformation, thanks to a specially developed design and high-strength compounds, which increases the stability of the device even in difficult conditions.


1.  In “littered” places coil produces poor results.


1. Finding targets at great depths.

2. You can quickly find medium objects.

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Search coil AKA
Ø 15
7 kHz
Double D

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