Ø 9х12 | 3.5 kHz-7 kHz-13 kHz

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TypeThree frequencySearch coil; Рroportions9x12; Frequency3.5 kHz|7 kHz|13 kHz; TypeDouble D; РrotectionNo; All specifications

AKA metal detector coil Ø 9x12 three frequency (3.5 kHz, 7 kHz, 13 kHz)

The coil is designed to work in a pair with the AKA metal detector. Advantages of this solution:

• A complete frequency switch, thanks to which it is not necessary to disassemble the metal detector to replace the coil and frequency block.

• Three ranges that allow you to quickly explore the same area using different frequencies.

• Stable operation of the coil on different types of soils and coatings (earth, sand, turf, grass).

• Confident signal in all weather conditions.

• Compact size and lightweight construction.

Three ranges of coil operation allow you to search for objects of any size at different depths: from coins with high frequencies to weapons, helmets and other massive artifacts – using low ones. It should be remembered that changing the frequency changes the characteristics of the device, which you need to get used to again. The universal size of 9 by 12 inches (24 by 32 centimeters) in the form of an ellipse is intended both for the exploration of woodland with a heterogeneous relief, and for field work on flat surfaces. The parameters of the coil minimize the influence of external factors – the composition of the soil and the presence of metal litter in it – the success of the search.

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Three frequencySearch coil
3.5 kHz|7 kHz|13 kHz
Double D

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