Ø 8 mono | 20 kHz

9 000 RUB - Dealer price from 10 pieces
TypeMono search coil AKA; Working frequency20 kHz; Рroportions8; РrotectionNo; All specifications

MONO search coil 8 inch 20 kHz

The coil for metal detectors with a diameter of 8 inches is optimal for searching at standard frequencies for coins, treasures, gold in nuggets. The coil helps to detect the smallest objects and accurately determine the material of nearby objects. The high frequency of 20 kHz allows you to find jewelry, small coins at a depth of about 15 cm for the flake coin. The cone-shaped mono coil is ideal for spot search and search in littered areas. This coil is recommended to be used after identifying a cluster of targets, which will make it possible to reduce the detecting area and get an extremely clear picture of the subject.

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Mono search coil AKA
Working frequency
20 kHz

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