АКА Condor 3М

465 $
25mm coin40 cm.; Helmet 2 world80 cm.; Maximum depth220 cm.; All specifications

The AKA Condor-3M metal detector is one of the initial devices in the AKA product line.

The Condor-3M metal detector uses AKA proprietary technologies in its work, but its search depth is modest.

Further development of this line of metal detectors is the Condor 7252M, which has a greater search depth and greater functionality.

АКА Condor-3M features

• algorithm of "spatial-harmonic filtering (SFT)"

• operating frequency 7 kHz

• hodograph - proprietary technology for visual display of the target

• soil balance (automatic and manual)

• 2 search modes:

o dynamic

o static

• Pinpoint mode

• LCD display

Included in the box (AKA Condor 3M)

  • Control box (not removable) - 1 pc.
  • DD search coil "9х12" 7 kHz – 1 pc.

  • Set of bars- 1 set.
  • Coil fastener and battery box.
  • User’s manual.

Смотрите видео.png

25mm coin
40 cm.
Helmet 2 world
80 cm.
Maximum depth
220 cm.

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