Piligrim 7247 6AA 2017г.

315 $
TypeDiscriminating Metal Detector; 25mm coin40 cm.; Maximum depth200 cm.; Weight in working condition (without batteries)1.4 kg.; Battery Type6 АА; Working frequencyOperating frequency range 2-25 kHz (When using an appropriate sensor); All specifications

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Modification of the analog metal detector "Pilgrim" 7247 is designed for use by beginner treasure hunters. However, many people with many years of search experience are unwilling to abandon this inexpensive, but reliable and sensitive device, because despite its low cost, it provides excellent results.

At maximum sensitivity settings, this model is able to detect an old coin with a diameter of 2.5 centimeters, located at a depth of up to 400 millimeters from the ground surface. The signal from larger metal products can be given if they lie at a depth of up to 200 centimeters.

Battery life reaches ten hours. There is a DISCRIM function, when it is activated, a signal is not picked when it detects foil, small iron objects - nails, pieces of wire, spikes from winter tires, etc.

The analog metal detector of the “Pilgrim” 7247 model is equipped with a telescopic pole that provides maximum search convenience in various conditions for operators of any body type. The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty.

Technical characteristics

4 АА

6 АА

Operating frequency, Hz


Power supply

4 АА batteries

6 АА batteries

Running hours from fully charged batteries (2700 mAh)

Up to 18 hours

Up to 10 hours

Consumption Current, mA



Weight, without batteries with 6x10 sensor

1400 g

Display modes

 sound multi-tone

Search modes

all metals / discrimination

Dimensions, mm

  • Telescopic pole – 1100-1300
  • Control box – 125х200х40

Included in the box

  • Control box
  • Armrest
  • Coil
  • Telescopic pole
  • Battery box ( АА type) for 4 or 6 batteries
  • Operational documentation
  • Packing container


Total metal detector length (max).

130 cm

Diameter of the sensor 6x10

26х15 cm

Technical characteristics of the Pilgrim 47 metal detector (6 batteries)


6 AA batteries

Battery life

10 hours

Weight in working condition (without batteries)

1,4 kg

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Discriminating Metal Detector
25mm coin
40 cm.
Maximum depth
200 cm.
Weight in working condition (without batteries)
1.4 kg.
Battery Type
6 АА
Working frequency
Operating frequency range 2-25 kHz (When using an appropriate sensor)
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I bought a Pilgrim 7247 metal detector, carefully examined the entire territory of my garden. And oh, a miracle - I found a burial place of old and useless copper coins.
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Good analog device for this kind of money. I do not regret that I bought it
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During a walk in the woods I met a friend, a neighbor in the village, wandering around with a metal detector. We talked, it turns out that he has been devoting free time to searching for “treasures” for several years. And he even found several old coins, one of which the numismatists valued at $ 5000. Imbued with this idea, I bought the same device as his homemade one. But there were few successes - it happened I dig after a strong signal, but did not find anything significant. Two weeks ago I decided to purchase a metal detector - the Pilgrim 7247. This model seemed to me optimal in terms of sensitivity and its cost. And I did not lose - the next day I found a copper blank weighing almost 13 kg.
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