Signum MFD 7272M Classik

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TypeDiscriminating Metal Detector; 10mm coin20 cm.; 25mm coin60 cm.; Helmet 2 world160 cm.; Maximum depth280 cm.; Battery life18 hours; Weight in working condition (without batteries)1,25 kg.; All specifications
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Signum MFD 7272M Classic

MFD Signum is a device that was released in late 2015. In place of the standard 4 "Turbo" program, this device now has a deep firmware.

Deep firmware allows the device to work more correctly at a great depth, while cutting off small debris on the surface. This firmware will be useful for those who are searching for treasures and military items.
Characteristics of deep firmware MFD Signum

        Work only in HD or HD-V search modes
        When working with deep firmware, you should use a search coil larger than the diameter and search while holding it 0.5 m from the ground.
    Filter T-Has high search results.
    Filter A-Has low search results.

Remember! This firmware slightly increases the search depth, and the main goal of the development is to remove small debris from the surface from visibility.

Included in the Signum MFD box

Control box (not removable)-1pc.
Search DD  coil "9x12" 7 kHz - 1 pc.
Set of bars - 1 set.
Coil fastener and battery box.
User’s manual.



Discriminating Metal Detector
10mm coin
20 cm.
25mm coin
60 cm.
Helmet 2 world
160 cm.
Maximum depth
280 cm.
Battery life
18 hours
Weight in working condition (without batteries)
1,25 kg.
Shipping Weight
2,1 kg.
This device is designed to search for small as well as large targets deep underground
Battery Type
6 АА battery
Operating temperature range
or -10°С to +40°С
Working frequency
Multi frequency
Designed for export

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