Ø 8 mono | 14 kHz

9 000 RUB - Dealer price from 10 pieces
TypeMono search coil; Рroportions8; Frequency14 kHz; РrotectionNo; All specifications
MONO search coil 8 inch 14 kHz

A standard round coil with a frequency of 14 kHz is suitable for searching for medium and small objects, coins, jewelry made of precious metals, gold nuggets. Mono coil involves a cone-shaped signal, which allows you to more accurately determine the location of the desired object. The small size allows you to scan the area in inaccessible areas, to minimize the effect of soil mineralization. Performing a search at standard frequencies, you can find small objects and determine the type of metal nearby. Among the minuses of the coil – it is difficult to center the target and a small search depth.

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Mono search coil
14 kHz

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