7202 М

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TypeSecurity metal detector; Weight in working condition (without batteries)410 g.; Battery life400 hours; Operating temperature rangeor -15°С to +45°С; Battery Type9 V (Krone battery); Рroportions415х85х35 mm; All specifications
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7202 М hand – held metal detector

Lightweight and compact inspection metal detector allows you to detect large and small objects made of metals, but does not distinguish between non-ferrous and ferrous metals. The device is suitable for use in airports, government agencies, departmental buildings, for the search for treasures and jewelry. It is used separately or in combination with arched metal detectors to clearly detect metal objects. Due to the long battery life (about 400 hours), the device can be used in remote areas.

Grenade F1

190 cm

“Makarov” pistol

250 cm

AKM bayonet

150 cm

Fragment of fabric for a handsaw 150 mm long

90 cm

Safety razor blade (non-magnetic, stainless steel)

30 cm

Security metal detector
Weight in working condition (without batteries)
410 g.
Battery life
400 hours
Operating temperature range
or -15°С to +45°С
Battery Type
9 V (Krone battery)
415х85х35 mm

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