Uniskan 7215 М

180 $
TypeSecurity metal detector; Weight in working condition (without batteries)0,45 kg.; Battery life400 hours; Operating temperature rangeor -15°С to +45°С; FeatureSeparates objects from ferrous and non-ferrous metals; Battery Type9 V (Krone battery); Рroportions415х85х35 mm; All specifications
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Uniscan 7215 М hand - held Metal Detector

The Uniskan 7215 M security metal detector distinguishes between non-ferrous and ferrous metals in the search process, which makes it possible to clearly limit the range of items searched. Buying a device, you get universal equipment for personal inspection and search for metal objects of any size. Thanks to the advanced functionality, you can configure the device to search for large or small objects. The ability to distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals is the main advantage of the equipment compared to competitors.

Maximum detection range of metal objects:

   7,62 mm caliber bullet

5..8 cm

   Ø25х1 mm brass disc

15 cm

    “Makarov” pistol

25 cm

     Manhole opening

80 cm

Security metal detector
Weight in working condition (without batteries)
0,45 kg.
Battery life
400 hours
Operating temperature range
or -15°С to +45°С
Separates objects from ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Battery Type
9 V (Krone battery)
415х85х35 mm

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