AKA metal detectors in Bulgaria

16 августа 2013

AKA metal detectors in Bulgaria

AKA company – is a leading developer of search equipment and metal detectors, which have been getting to European market. It have opened the factory of AKA search technology in Bulgaria. AKA metal detectors seriously compete with production of world market leaders of technics for searching.

None of Russian firms which work in segment of search equipment, housing and communal services, criminalists have not been internationally recognized until now. AKA is the only company, which production is well-known and recognized abroad. It has registered more than 60 patents and certificates of authorship. Promotion of AKA production in the foreign market was helped by its active participation in specialized exhibitions, hard work of engineers who were improving manufactured devices.

AKA company’s efforts are rewarded – currently Bulgarian and also other Europeans have discovered about it. Archeology and treasure hunting is becoming more popular every year. Search equipment which have not any analogues – this is what Russian AKA company can offer to European amateurs and professionals at treasure hunting, foreign criminalists and housing and communal services. It enters the market with a new development – indirect imaging method. Its devices have got hypersensitivity, perfected algorithms, which are minimizing spurious signals and soil mineralization effect which interferes with search metal.

Thorough work of field test group promoted successful completion of proven technical solutions approbation. Technics for search and perquisition are demanded everywhere. Before going to the production of soil equipment for search of artifacts, treasures, valuables, finds of military historical significance, the company produced equipment for military industry. Demand for metal detectors is increasing because of technics have got to a good level.

Probability of success have increased and the rich history of Russia and Europe with wars, battles, revolutions, attracts adventurers. Treasure hunters do not deepen like archeologists, that is why they can not interfere with science. Interest for treasure hunting is not only romance and hobby but it is also a chance to improve financial position by interesting way.

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