Coin search by metal detector

Coin search by metal detector

This type of search is liked by many people wherein this occupation is not only used to complement the existing collection but also for enrichment because there are many valuable coins that can replenish your wallet. In order for searches to be effective you need to accumulate a huge amount of knowledge because not everyone knows how to look for valuable things.

First you can watch the coin search video from which it will be clear search technology. Besides, you have to learn more about places which are rich in coins and get advanced search equipment. Coin search with AKA metal detector will give a chance to complement your collection because you will definitely find something valuable. The device is able to search for coins in various places: on beaches, in forests, on roads, in basements, in dilapidated buildings. Competent specialists explore any potential place so increases the likelihood of a rich find. For example, you should carefully examine the walls and the foundation and also check everything around the house in old villages. The probability of finding a treasure is high near large trees, large stones and in other similar places.

Beginners in this business usually dig everything. On the one hand it is right because you need to learn how to feel the device, recognize its signals, get used to it. You should configure the device and start digging. In this case it does not matter what you will find, just remember the signals and record them, this will help to learn to understand the “assistant” and improve the quality of the search.

Search for coins on old roads is widespread. You should search where inns, fairs, churches and mills were located. Old roads in the forest can lead to rich old manors. Special attention should be given to crossroads, probably there is the inn. During searching by metal detector you need to walk not only along the road but also move away for twenty meters because travelers could make halts, bury valuables near roads, if they went further with them it was too dangerous. Carefully examine and check century-old trees, stones.

Searching for coins in the woods is also an exciting activity but there are certain difficulties. Sometimes it is difficult to get to the chosen place, transport have to be left far. There are a lot of animals, mosquitoes which complicates the search. The treasure hunter is lucky if he will find ancient village, farm or just an abandoned house. There are many extinct villages among the forest where coins, crosses, buttons come across. The number of finds may depend on the age of the found village. If there were houses made of stone, it means prosperous people lived there. Places to search may be different, you should try, look. Search technology is quite simple. You need to select a section of large length with about a half meter width and carefully check this area with movements to the right and left side. This process is long, for some it is even boring, but if you do everything leisurely, the probability of finding valuable coins will increase.

AKA metal detectors will help you find valuable items even in unexpected places. In addition, you can use old maps, essays, archives, interview old-timers to search for coins. If you work with a partner you should keep away from each other by at least 15 meters because the devices may interfere. The greater the experience with the device, the more likely it is to find something really worthwhile.

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