Deep metal detector or georadar?

Deep metal detector or georadar?

Treasure hunting attracts many people but in order to tackle this business you need to purchase good search equipment. You can not do without a good metal detector because thanks to such devices you can find unique values at different depths. There are two main types of search equipment – deep metal detectors and georadars.

Deep metal detector specializes in detecting large targets, for example coin treasures at great depths. Usually these devices work at a depth of fifty centimeters to six meters but this parameter also depends on the type of soil and the size of the object. For small purposes this device will not work, it is more used for searching pipes, small vehicles and other things.

Georadar wins in all respects, it is considered a universal geophysical device. This versatility helps to use the device in all areas: road construction, archaeological excavations, geological and other activities. The use of georadars in the geological field can be explained by the need to create special sections. In addition, the device allows you to identify the amount of groundwater, the depth of the bottom of rivers, lakes, ice thickness. There are several types of georadars:

  • Stroboscopic devices – give low-energy impulses, such devices are used for depths up to 10 meters. But there are cases when the device can “see” a depth of up to 20 meters;
  • Devices with weak impulses – only a specialist can use it, radarograms are recorded from depths of tens meters;
  • Powerful devices with antennas – specialized software is needed to process the results, usually provided with the device, there is a risk of radiofrequency radiation exposure

Leading manufacturers of georadars are American GSSI company, Canadian Sensor and Software Inc., Latvian Radar Systems etc.

There is no a definite answer to the question what is better. It is necessary to consider the characteristics and capabilities of the selecting device. If you plan to look for a treasure in “complicated” place and you need data not only about the treasure itself but also about geophysical data – it is better to choose a georadar, but modern metal detectors have all the necessary requirements for searching and obtaining the information. You should give preference to reliable manufacturers and choose advanced devices.

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