How to find a treasure?

How to find a treasure?

Specialists know for sure where to look for treasure in a village, on a beach, in a forest. Usually abandoned houses of the royal time become search places also they can be houses of former rich. These places can easily be found by nails, in old buildings they are not factory, they were made manually. You should have a good look at doorways, windows, cashmen hid coins in these places. Single instances or imperial silver can often be found. Joints of floor beams are another popular places. The most valuable things are often left in such places but if the floorings are not preserved, search is still worth it because there you can find other small items. If you are new to this business, you should watch videos how to look for treasure from which it will be clear how exactly to look and where to start.
In summer you can try search for values on a beach and combine business with pleasure. If you are ready to answer numerous questions, go here boldly. Here you will find something valuable with a high probability. Amount of lost coins in beach sand is measured in kilograms and more significant finds often await you in the water, they can be gold chains, rings. Many treasure hunters manage to find expensive gold and silver jewelry except modern wares.

A lot of people think treasure can be found only in old mansion owned by a wealthy man. Actually, we look for treasure in very simple and usual more modern houses. You can walk with metal detector along the walls. Treasure hunters often look for old lost coins and valuable old things but sometimes other finds are get caught. For example, jewelry, crosses, furniture accessories, household utensils are often found in fields. If you dig everything then locks, keys, scissors, tools, nails and other household appliances will get caught. Sometimes dangerous objects are encountered for example military shells so you better be careful.

There are not unequivocal answer to the question “where find a treasure”, you have to try hard. First you need to choose a venue for searches, you can use maps, satellite images, books. Searches can be carried out even where there are no traces of human man life, but you can find try to work with the device near a village, maybe a fair or a holiday was there once. There are also interesting places: parks, sports grounds in a town, generally you need to find place where people were before. In a selected place you need to carefully check every centimeter.

Of course, not one map can not exactly show where treasures may be so you need to try different places. Special attention must be paid to equipment. One of the main elements is metal detector. You need not immediately to take an expensive model with many features. Get a cheap device first. Except metal detector you need to have a shovel, usually small folding model is taken to put it in a backpack. The bag should be comfortable to put everything you need. AKA metal detectors perfect suffice especially their cost is quite acceptable.

There are people who constantly search for treasures. They do not work anywhere and make a living by selling finds. These people have vast experience, often they know for sure where to look, thoroughly investigate places. Anyway this activity should be treated as a hobby.

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