How and where were treasures hidden in Russia? About it also on the “Adventurers” channel.  

A lot interesting information for people interested in treasure hunting on the “AKA Metal detectors”. How the oldest Moscow inscription was found in the Kremlin, can 25 penny cost 3 million rubles, what was found in the area of the Crimean bridge, the oldest needle.



These popular YouTube channels analyze treasure hunt equipment, give good advice on the purchase and use of metal detectors, necessary accessories.

There are a lot of interesting things for the topic of treasure hunting on other popular channels in Russia. For example, “In search of gold and antiquity”: what does the treasure look like, the most unexpected finds in abandoned village houses, in the old church, finding five cans of valuables, useful coin cleaning tips.

POTROSHITEL channel – about the search conducted by Russians abroad. Here is a Roman treasure, the search for gold in England, finds of year 600.

Helmut Weisswald channel – about searches in the cellars of old Petersburg, in the battlefields of World War II.

“Koshevoy treasure hunter” – about catching with a search magnet out of the water. It is like fishing, but all muscles are involved. Koshevoy says that modern Russian money is magnetized, from the bridge by the river you can catch a great dinner quickly. So you can survive with a search magnet.


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