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You can buy AKA metal detectors in Moscow for a successful search for treasures, artifacts, coins, antiques, non-ferrous metal in any specialized store. Properly choosing a device is the most difficult task for beginners. The basis for choosing a metal detector is the scope of its future application.

To buy a metal detector in Moscow of good quality and inexpensive for a hobby or a professional occupation, you ought to check in the forums of treasure hunters. Most experienced searchers recommend starting with the so-called Ace - the Garrett Ace 250 metal detector model. This relatively inexpensive device is quite reliable, easy to operate. Its characteristics are enough to satisfy the needs of lovers. It is looking for metal at a decent depth, has good sensitivity. It finds precious metals and coins at a depth of 20-30 cm. With it, treasure hunters will not have to dig a big hole to search for a single coin.

AKA metal detectors have proven themselves excellently in Moscow, throughout Russia and even to foreign countries. This is the only domestic manufacturer whose developments have become famous for innovative technological solutions. Europeans recognized AKA's unique products. The company has already opened its own factory in Bulgaria. Today you can buy a metal detector in Moscow from the manufacturer and through the Network.

Experienced treasure hunters first recommend buying a metal detector in Moscow, focusing on the middle price segment. It is necessary to acquire basic skills, experience - learn not to miss an object, not to respond to false signals that a mineralized soil gives. When visiting a store-warehouse of metal detectors in Moscow, you should pay attention to devices from 10 to 25 thousand rubles. Cheap Chinese models, as a rule, do not meet the high declared characteristics.

Good devices allow you to install custom gadgets, equipped with factory functions, fairly simple control. After turning on the equipment, you can immediately start detecting, but before turning off, it is recommended to look into the manual. Expensive devices can be equipped with difficult control from the point of view of a beginner. Conscientious sellers are official partners of manufacturing companies, they are always ready to help in choosing of the metal detector of your dreams.