Ø 13 | 3 kHz-6,5 kHz-13 kHz

17 900 RUB - Dealer price from 10 pieces
TypeThree frequencySearch coil AKA; Рroportions13; Frequency3 kHz |6,5 kHz |13 kHz; TypeDouble D; РrotectionNo; All specifications

AKA Ø 13 metal detector coil three frequency (3kHz, 6.5kHz, 13kHz)

This search coil is designed to work with AKA metal detectors. Its advantages include:

• the ability to change the frequency without replacing the switch operating frequencies;

• greater coil sensitivity in any operating range compared to single-frequency models;

• stable operation of the coil at any ambient temperature;

• the ability to filter phantom responses in grass and loose soil;

• small dimensions and weight of the body.

The versatility of the coil allows you to use it on any type of soil. High sensitivity will provide the ability to search for small objects at a relatively large depth. The three-mode switch allows you to select the low, medium and high frequency range. Protection against phantom responses will save time when working in tall grass or uneven surfaces. A ready solution for any season and all weather conditions. The lightness of the design will ensure comfortable work with the coil and metal detector for a long time. The coil has a compact size – 13 inches in diameter (33 centimeters).

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Three frequencySearch coil AKA
3 kHz |6,5 kHz |13 kHz
Double D

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